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Together with Amy Andreotti's lab at Iowa State University, we describe the inner workings of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK), a kinase essential for B and mast cell function.  Full article here.  Preview here.

A collaboration with Ken Westover at UT Southwestern uncovers inhibitor-specific perturbations in K-Ras. Read the full article here.

Our collaborative study with Loren Walensky on the allosteric sensitization of BAX is published in Nature Chemical Biology.

Prof. Roxana Iacob is a guest columnist in LC-GC where she describes analysis of biosimilars with HDX MS.  Read the article here.


The laboratory of John R. Engen at Northeastern University performs research at the interface of Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry & Structural Biology.


We use hydrogen exchange and mass spectrometry (HX MS) as our core technology to probe protein conformation, conformational changes, dynamics, protein folding and the effects of binding.

In the past 16 years, we have applied HX MS to the study of hundreds of proteins.