Spring 2018

We used HX MS in a multi-method study of the muscle remodeling protein GDF8, a collaboration with Scholar Rock and  Timothy Springer at Harvard Medical School & Boston Children's Hospital.   Article.   Press release.

Fall 2017

Together with Amy Andreotti's lab at Iowa State University, we describe the inner workings of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK), a kinase essential for B and mast cell function.  Full article here.  Preview here.

Fall 2017

A collaboration with Ken Westover at UT Southwestern uncovers inhibitor-specific perturbations in K-Ras. Read the full article here.

September 2017

Our collaborative study with Loren Walensky on the allosteric sensitization of BAX is published in Nature Chemical Biology.

Summer 2017

Prof. Roxana Iacob is a guest columnist in LC-GC where she describes analysis of biosimilars with HDX MS.  Read the article here.

Summer 2017

With the Waters Corp., we describe a new device for separations at -20 °C, published for Jim Jorgensen's birthday by the Journal of Chromatography A

May 2017

Chris Wilson receives one of two 2017 travel awards from the Greater Boston Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group to attend the ASMS meeting in Indianapolis, June 4-8


Spring 2017

Prof. Engen named a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology.  Read more here.