Winter 2015

A collaboration with Prof. Thomas Smithgall from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reveals how an inhibitor blocks the HIV-1 Nef protein from activating thehematopoetic cell kinase (Hck). 
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Fall 2015

The impact of membranes on peripheral membrane protein conformation and dynamics can be studied with our new methods using Langmuir monolayers.  See Paper #1 and its sister, Paper #2.

July 2015

The analytical aspects of HX MS are reviewed in a new article in the Annual Reviews of Analytical Chemistry.  A key attribute, replication, is further discussed in an editorial in Bioanalysis.    more


Summer 2015

Article in Analytical Chemistry describes how a unique affinity attachment allows for continuous flow deuterium labeling of captured proteins.
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June 2015

In collaboration with Mike Ramsey's group at UNC-Chapel Hill, capillary electrophoresis separations for HX MS were demonstrated.
         Analytical Chemistry article

Spring 2015

2015 Northeastern University Excellence in Teaching Award to Prof. Engen.
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May 2015

Rane Harrison receives one of two 2015 travel awards from the Greater Boston Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group to attend the ASMS meeting in St. Louis, May 31-June 4


April/May 2015

Two recent papers describe analysis of motions in DNA repair proteins.  HX MS shows effects of DNA binding, base insertion and primer extension after DNA damage. 

     DNA repair article          FEBS Journal article


March 2015

In collaboration with the Walensky lab at HMS/DFCI, the interactions between the apoptosis protein Bax and a stapled peptide from Bcl-2 were studied. The stapled peptide prevents conformational activation of Bax, keeping cells alive.     Paper in Molecular Cell


Spring 2015

Lab personnel receive awards:
   Kristian Teichert
       Provost Undergraduate Creative Endeavors Award

January 2015

A new survey of the applications of hydrogen / deuterium exchange mass spectrometry from 2012-2014 shows its widespread appeal.

Read the article in Analytical Chemistry issue "Fundamental and Applied Reviews in Analytical Chemistry 2015"

October 2014

Lab personnel receive awards:
  Mitch Gallerstein
   Early Honors Research Grant

Fall 2014

In collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb, the interface between EGFR and ith hydrogen exchange MS.  The results were published in JASMS.      More details

May 2014

How do chaperones help proteins fold in vivo?  This was one of the questions addressed by a study recently published in Cell.

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May 2014

Greg Pirrone receives one of two 2014 travel awards from the Greater Boston Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group to attend the ASMS meeting in Baltimore, June 15-19.

April 2014

Work published in the journal Structure indicates that although tertiary structure may be known from crystal structure determination, protein dynamics can not be easily predicted.    More details

March 2014

Hydrogen exchange MS shows how peptide binding affects a transmembrane 95 kDa glycosylated protein embedded in a phospolipid nanodisc.  Such studies will make conformational analyses of many membrane proteins and protein complexes feasible.          More details

February 2014

Feb 2014 cover story in BioPharm International on higher order structure determination for protein therapeutics, including comments from Prof. Engen on the use of HDX-MS.    Read article 

                 NEU 3Q's                  BioPharm International website                Lexicon

Winter 2014

Lab personnel receive awards:
  Justin Roberts
Provost Undergraduate Research Award
       Award for Honors in the Discipline
  Kristian Teichert
       Early Honors Research Grant

Jan 2014

Hydrogen exchange MS shows how a covalent inhibitor developed by the Gray Laboratory at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School traps the oncogenic K-Ras G12C mutant in an inactive conformation.     C&EN story       Article

Dec 2013

In collaboration with Aileron Therapeutics, we illustrate how hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry can be used to measure the stability and conformational dynamics of stapled peptides.  The HX MS results predict pharmacokinetic properties.     More details

Nov 2013

New results obtained in collaboration with Biogen-Idec show that antibody aggregation is complicated.  What causes one antibody to form dimers is not necessarily the cause for others.  Analytical measurements should be applied to each case.    More details

Fall 2013

Receptor signaling in B cells and T cells uses kinases that have very similar structure but different activity and enzymatic properties.  As explained in a recent Science Signaling article, the differences involve just six amino acids that, when switched, convert one kinase to the other.      More details

Fall 2013

The HIV accessory protein Nef changes shape during insertion into lipid membranes on its way to the active conformation.  New results in the journal Structure, obtained by our collaborator Michael Kent, Sandia Natl. Laboratory, explain what happens.     More details

October 2013

Lecture to, hosted by Pfizer.  October 17, 2013.
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September 2013

HX-Express v2 released. Building on v1 from 2006, Mike Guttman at the University of Washington created this update to the HX MS software for Excel.  v2 is compatible with all current versions of Excel/Office and adds several new data analysis features.                 More details 

Summer 2013

Analysis of the conformational effects of various inhibitors of monoacylglycerol lipase (Mgl) has been published in Biochemistry.   More details

Summer 2013

PDZ domain 4 in the cholesterol uptake regulatory protein PDZK1 controls the HDL receptor SR-BI but not by altering the conformation of the other PDZ domains in the protein.  The story was recently published in the J. Biol. Chem.   More details

01 Aug 2013

The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training Lecture at NIBRT on HX MS in the biopharmaceutical industry.

July 2013

Prof. Engen returns from sabbatical at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried, Germany where he worked in the laboratory of F. Ulrich Hartl and Manajit Hayer-Hartl.

06 June 2013

In collaboration with the laboratory of Stephen Blacklow at HMS/DFCI, a study on the dynamics and antibody binding to the Notch3 negative regulatory region was published in the J. Mol. Biol. The results help explain the mechanism of Notch3 activation and the conformational impact of an inhibitory antibody with therapeutic potential.  More details.

June 2013

Prof. Engen gives a tutorial lecture at ASMS in Minneapolis: The Nuts and Bolts of Hydrogen Exchange MS.  This lecture can be freely viewed by ASMS members at the following links: Tutorials and Plenary Lecture.

June 2013

Work by Joomi Ahn on the digestion attributes of acid proteases was included in a feature issue of Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: Proteins and Proteomics More details.

Spring 2013

Two new book chapters in the series Methods in Molecular Biology were published on methods related to hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry:
   1.  Use of HX MS for analysis of monoclonal antibodies
   2.  Considerations in the analysis of HX MS data

Winter 2013

February lectures at:

the Pacific Northwest Mass Spectrometry Group (PacMass)
the Bay Area Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (BAMS)