November 2016

A collaboration with Kenneth Westover at UT Southwestern uncovers familial relationships in Ras-family proteins.  Read the full article here.

September 2016

Northeastern University College of Science explains our recent partnership with Prof. Timothy Springer of Children's Hospital Boston. News story.

Fall 2016

A collaboration with the Walensky Laboratory at DFCI/HMS uncovers allosteric regulation in the MCL-1 protein.    NSMB article    News & Views

August 2016

Sandia National Laboratories features our long-standing collaboration with Dr. Mike Kent studying the conformation of HIV Nef at the membrane.  Read the story here.

Summer 2016

As part of a special issue of JASMS honoring Brian Chait, we presented a comparison of the hydrogen-deuterium exchange of various versions of the HIV-1 Nef protein.  The article can be found here


June 2016

Small-angle X-ray scattering reveals how the shape of the Abl kinase changes upon activating mutations.
Read the ACS Editors' Choice article here.  

May 2016

Lab personnel receive awards:
       Tyler Kolfrat
  Wolfgang Goetzinger–Amgen Memorial Undergraduate Scholar Award

Spring 2016

HX MS contributes to our understanding of how substrates are recognized and then degraded by the proteasome. Read the paper here 

April 2016

Not all SH3 domains are the same.  Despite sequence similarity, and tertiary structure homology, the motions these domains undergo in solution can be unique.
A new paper explores Tec family SH3 domains.

April 2016

A new paper describes the optimal tuning of a StepWave in order to maximum deuterium recovery.

January 2016

What makes mutants of the lipid transporting protein ApoA-I  turn into amyloids?
Read more here or here.

Winter 2015

A collaboration with Prof. Thomas Smithgall from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reveals how an inhibitor blocks the HIV-1 Nef protein from activating thehematopoetic cell kinase (Hck). 
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Fall 2015

The impact of membranes on peripheral membrane protein conformation and dynamics can be studied with our new methods using Langmuir monolayers.  See Paper #1 and its sister, Paper #2.

July 2015

The analytical aspects of HX MS are reviewed in a new article in the Annual Reviews of Analytical Chemistry.  A key attribute, replication, is further discussed in an editorial in Bioanalysis.    more


Summer 2015

Article in Analytical Chemistry describes how a unique affinity attachment allows for continuous flow deuterium labeling of captured proteins.
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June 2015

In collaboration with Mike Ramsey's group at UNC-Chapel Hill, capillary electrophoresis separations for HX MS were demonstrated.
         Analytical Chemistry article

Spring 2015

2015 Northeastern University Excellence in Teaching Award to Prof. Engen.
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May 2015

Rane Harrison receives one of two 2015 travel awards from the Greater Boston Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group to attend the ASMS meeting in St. Louis, May 31-June 4


April/May 2015

Two recent papers describe analysis of motions in DNA repair proteins.  HX MS shows effects of DNA binding, base insertion and primer extension after DNA damage. 

     DNA repair article          FEBS Journal article


March 2015

In collaboration with the Walensky lab at HMS/DFCI, the interactions between the apoptosis protein Bax and a stapled peptide from Bcl-2 were studied. The stapled peptide prevents conformational activation of Bax, keeping cells alive.     Paper in Molecular Cell


Spring 2015

Lab personnel receive awards:
   Kristian Teichert
       Provost Undergraduate Creative Endeavors Award

January 2015

A new survey of the applications of hydrogen / deuterium exchange mass spectrometry from 2012-2014 shows its widespread appeal.

Read the article in Analytical Chemistry issue "Fundamental and Applied Reviews in Analytical Chemistry 2015"